Textile expertise and sophisticated technologies, noble and classic yarns that merge refined and leading-edge practices. DALMINE 1952 combines innovation and tradition in each garment to satisfy the most demanding customer with the knowledge that they are dressing their very best with an artisanal product that has a unique personality.

Top Cashmere

Pure cashmere yarn, achieved through a particular production process that gives it a very fine thread that makes it extremely soft and fluffy to the touch. After a study of the raw material lasting several decades, Loro Piana has obtained this exclusive yarn, transmitting the quality into a tangible reality.

Cashmere & Silk

It is among the most refined and precious yarns that exist, combining in an intimate blend the softness and thermal properties of the finest cashmere, with the typical gloss and lightness of silk. The result is a delicate garment, slim and lightweight, equipped with important advantages for our well-being, such as allowing the body to adapt with ease to changes in temperature.

Superfine 160’s Merino Wool

A yarn of the same micron of the finest cashmere: fewer than 100,000 meters of a triple twisted wire in a single kilo. This fine yarn is the result of combining the latest spinning technology and the best wool from extremely fine, long and carefully selected fleeces. The high hygroscopicity, the exceptional breathability and natural comfort are its valuable features.

Giza Cotton

This cotton has grown and manually cropped along the eastern delta of the Nile, in a microclimate that makes it rare and precious. Its fibers are uniform, superfine and extremely resistant. The perfect ripeness and purity of this cotton, combined with the twisting, combing and gassing processes, make the garment shine, unshrinkable, fresh and with an exciting fit.

100% Mulberry Silk

Not simply silk, but the silk in terms of excellence. A yarn made from the best and finest combed Indian silks, produced entirely in Italy according to the most specialized and refined processes and treatments. The craquant hand spins a thread with unparalleled softness, shine and elegance.

The classic warmth and lightness of the cashmere duvet, its finest blends such as Alashan, the comfort of Scottish yarn distinguish and complete our exclusive collections.